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Retrieved 40 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
P00167 P00167 P05181 CYB5A CYP2E1 human exp
P00167 P00167 Q9NPH2 CYB5A ISYNA1 human exp
P00167 P00167 P05177 CYB5A CYP1A2 human exp
P00167 P00167 P20815 CYB5A CYP3A5 human exp
P00167 P00167 O60427 CYB5A FADS1 human pred
P00167 P00167 P05093 CYB5A CYP17A1 human exp
P00167 P00167 P33121 CYB5A ACSL1 human ortho
P00167 P00167 O60404 CYB5A OR10H3 human exp
P00167 P00167 P99999 CYB5A CYCS human exp,pred
P00167 P00167 O95336 CYB5A PGLS human ortho
P00167 P00167 Q8TAV3 CYB5A CYP2W1 human exp
P00167 P00167 P48431 CYB5A SOX2 human exp
P00167 P00167 P08684 CYB5A CYP3A4 human exp
P00167 P00167 O00767 CYB5A SCD human exp
P00167 P00167 P00167 CYB5A CYB5A human pred
P00167 P00167 Q9Y5Q0 CYB5A FADS3 human pred
P00167 P00167 P16435 CYB5A POR human exp
P00167 P00167 P04798 CYB5A CYP1A1 human exp,pred
P00167 P00167 Q9H2F3 CYB5A HSD3B7 human ortho
P00167 P00167 O43169 CYB5A CYB5B human pred
P00167 P00167 Q8IZM9 CYB5A SLC38A6 human exp
P00167 P00167 Q96KJ9 CYB5A COX4I2 human pred
P00167 P00167 P37235 CYB5A HPCAL1 human ortho
P00167 P00167 Q96QD9 CYB5A FYTTD1 human exp
P00167 P00167 P11509 CYB5A CYP2A6 human exp
P00167 P00167 Q7L1T6 CYB5A CYB5R4 human pred
P00167 P00167 P04792 CYB5A HSPB1 human pred
P00167 P00167 P31483 CYB5A TIA1 human pred
P00167 P00167 Q9Y5K5 CYB5A UCHL5 human exp
P00167 P00167 O95864 CYB5A FADS2 human pred
P00167 P00167 P62258 CYB5A YWHAE human ortho
P00167 P00167 P10635 CYB5A CYP2D6 human exp
P00167 P00167 P51687 CYB5A SUOX human pred
P00167 P00167 O14727 CYB5A APAF1 human pred
P00167 P00167 P22310 CYB5A UGT1A4 human exp
P00167 P00167 P00387 CYB5A CYB5R3 human exp,pred
P00167 P00167 Q9Y4K3 CYB5A TRAF6 human exp
P00167 P00167 P55211 CYB5A CASP9 human pred
P00167 P00167 P63104 CYB5A YWHAZ human ortho
P00167 P00167 Q02928 CYB5A CYP4A11 human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.