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Retrieved 46 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
P05187 P05187 P26998 ALPP CRYBB3 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q04323 ALPP UBXN1 human exp
P05187 P05187 P01243 ALPP - human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9HBB8 ALPP CDHR5 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q02779 ALPP MAP3K10 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q00888 ALPP PSG4 human pred
P05187 P05187 P26371 ALPP KRTAP5-9 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q9BQ66 ALPP KRTAP4-12 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q14406 ALPP CSHL1 human pred
P05187 P05187 P05187 ALPP ALPP human exp,pred
P05187 P05187 Q9NRD1 ALPP FBXO6 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q9HCX4 ALPP TRPC7 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9UNN5 ALPP FAF1 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q96CS3 ALPP FAF2 human exp
P05187 P05187 O95835 ALPP LATS1 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q9GZZ7 ALPP GFRA4 human pred
P05187 P05187 P01023 ALPP A2M human exp
P05187 P05187 Q9BQ50 ALPP TREX2 human pred
P05187 P05187 P55854 ALPP SUMO3 human exp
P05187 P05187 O60248 ALPP SOX15 human pred
P05187 P05187 P05186 ALPP ALPL human pred
P05187 P05187 P35244 ALPP RPA3 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q92643 ALPP PIGK human exp
P05187 P05187 Q00887 ALPP PSG9 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9BZV1 ALPP UBXN6 human exp
P05187 P05187 Q9UDX4 ALPP SEC14L3 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9NZ94 ALPP NLGN3 human exp
P05187 P05187 P27694 ALPP RPA1 human exp
P05187 P05187 P63165 ALPP SUMO1 human exp
P05187 P05187 O43292 ALPP GPAA1 human exp,pred
P05187 P05187 O76009 ALPP KRT33A human pred
P05187 P05187 P01308 ALPP INS human pred
P05187 P05187 Q5T124 ALPP UBXN11 human exp
P05187 P05187 P12270 ALPP TPR human ortho
P05187 P05187 O75791 ALPP GRAP2 human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9BZE9 ALPP ASPSCR1 human exp
P05187 P05187 P10696 ALPP ALPPL2 human exp,pred
P05187 P05187 P60369 ALPP KRTAP10-3 human exp
P05187 P05187 P01584 ALPP IL1B human exp
P05187 P05187 Q00889 ALPP PSG6 human pred
P05187 P05187 P80108 ALPP GPLD1 human exp
P05187 P05187 O94888 ALPP UBXN7 human exp
P05187 P05187 P25440 ALPP BRD2 human pred
P05187 P05187 P09923 ALPP ALPI human pred
P05187 P05187 Q9UNZ2 ALPP NSFL1C human exp
P05187 P05187 P15927 ALPP RPA2 human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.