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Retrieved 48 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
P51798 P51798 Q6NUS6 CLCN7 TCTN3 human exp
P51798 P51798 P51798 CLCN7 CLCN7 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q86X19 CLCN7 TMEM17 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q96CA5 CLCN7 BIRC7 human exp
P51798 P51798 P13473 CLCN7 LAMP2 human exp
P51798 P51798 P49760 CLCN7 CLK2 human ortho
P51798 P51798 Q5T3F8 CLCN7 TMEM63B human exp
P51798 P51798 P51797 CLCN7 CLCN6 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q9H3U5 CLCN7 MFSD1 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q9P232 CLCN7 CNTN3 human pred
P51798 P51798 P51800 CLCN7 CLCNKA human pred
P51798 P51798 O00400 CLCN7 SLC33A1 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q9Y3E0 CLCN7 GOLT1B human exp
P51798 P51798 O43542 CLCN7 XRCC3 human exp
P51798 P51798 O43516 CLCN7 WIPF1 human pred
P51798 P51798 P30101 CLCN7 PDIA3 human ortho
P51798 P51798 P51795 CLCN7 CLCN5 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q13488 CLCN7 TCIRG1 human pred
P51798 P51798 O95274 CLCN7 LYPD3 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q8TCT8 CLCN7 - human pred
P51798 P51798 Q8N128 CLCN7 FAM177A1 human exp
P51798 P51798 P51788 CLCN7 CLCN2 human pred
P51798 P51798 P40855 CLCN7 PEX19 human ortho
P51798 P51798 P51793 CLCN7 CLCN4 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q6SPF0 CLCN7 SAMD1 human exp
P51798 P51798 O00214 CLCN7 LGALS8 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q04671 CLCN7 OCA2 human pred
P51798 P51798 O43567 CLCN7 RNF13 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q8WX93 CLCN7 PALLD human pred
P51798 P51798 Q13617 CLCN7 CUL2 human ortho
P51798 P51798 Q96IP4 CLCN7 FAM46A human exp
P51798 P51798 Q15642 CLCN7 TRIP10 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q8TF74 CLCN7 WIPF2 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q6VY07 CLCN7 PACS1 human exp
P51798 P51798 P62258 CLCN7 YWHAE human ortho
P51798 P51798 O43889 CLCN7 CREB3 human exp
P51798 P51798 P51148 CLCN7 RAB5C human exp
P51798 P51798 P58743 CLCN7 SLC26A5 human pred
P51798 P51798 O43896 CLCN7 KIF1C human pred
P51798 P51798 P51801 CLCN7 CLCNKB human pred
P51798 P51798 Q8TDD5 CLCN7 MCOLN3 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q9P0N5 CLCN7 TMEM216 human exp
P51798 P51798 Q9P0T7 CLCN7 TMEM9 human ortho
P51798 P51798 O75787 CLCN7 ATP6AP2 human exp
P51798 P51798 P51790 CLCN7 CLCN3 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q86WC4 CLCN7 OSTM1 human exp,ortho,pred
P51798 P51798 Q15052 CLCN7 ARHGEF6 human pred
P51798 P51798 Q8TDY4 CLCN7 ASAP3 human pred

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.