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Retrieved 40 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9BWG6 FHL5 SCNM1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 O75582 FHL5 RPS6KA5 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P38398 FHL5 BRCA1 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q5SVZ6 FHL5 ZMYM1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q5TD97 FHL5 FHL5 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q86VP1 FHL5 TAX1BP1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P17676 FHL5 CEBPB human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9NPC3 FHL5 CCNB1IP1 human ortho
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9P2E2 FHL5 KIF17 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9Y2T1 FHL5 AXIN2 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P51812 FHL5 RPS6KA3 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q6SA08 FHL5 TSSK4 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q15349 FHL5 RPS6KA2 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q14192 FHL5 FHL2 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q13643 FHL5 FHL3 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 O75676 FHL5 RPS6KA4 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P35222 FHL5 CTNNB1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P18846 FHL5 ATF1 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P52739 FHL5 ZNF131 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 O96015 FHL5 DNAL4 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q15797 FHL5 SMAD1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P11831 FHL5 SRF human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P16220 FHL5 CREB1 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9NWS9 FHL5 ZNF446 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9NR12 FHL5 PDLIM7 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q03060 FHL5 CREM human exp,ortho,pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P38432 FHL5 COIL human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P61968 FHL5 LMO4 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P17028 FHL5 ZNF24 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 O95789 FHL5 ZMYM6 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q7L5A3 FHL5 FAM214B human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q8TAP6 FHL5 CEP76 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q13976 FHL5 PRKG1 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P04150 FHL5 NR3C1 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q86T24 FHL5 ZBTB33 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q9Y2W7 FHL5 KCNIP3 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 P53673 FHL5 CRYBA4 human exp
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q99932 FHL5 SPAG8 human ortho
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q15418 FHL5 RPS6KA1 human pred
Q5TD97 Q5TD97 Q7Z7A3 FHL5 CTU1 human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.