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Retrieved 46 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9Y5L0 CHMP1B TNPO3 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P62491 CHMP1B RAB11A human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q99570 CHMP1B PIK3R4 human ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q96CF2 CHMP1B CHMP4C human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q92783 CHMP1B STAM human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P62993 CHMP1B GRB2 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q02833 CHMP1B RASSF7 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P53990 CHMP1B IST1 human exp,ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P40818 CHMP1B USP8 human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q92734 CHMP1B TFG human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P38606 CHMP1B ATP6V1A human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q13415 CHMP1B ORC1 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q70EL1 CHMP1B USP54 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9BY43 CHMP1B CHMP4A human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P55735 CHMP1B SEC13 human ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9H444 CHMP1B CHMP4B human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O95630 CHMP1B STAMBP human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O75886 CHMP1B STAM2 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P15313 CHMP1B ATP6V1B1 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O75643 CHMP1B SNRNP200 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9H4P4 CHMP1B RNF41 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9Y448 CHMP1B KNSTRN human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9HD42 CHMP1B CHMP1A human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q96FW1 CHMP1B OTUB1 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9UN37 CHMP1B VPS4A human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O15118 CHMP1B NPC1 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9Y3E7 CHMP1B CHMP3 human exp,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O75791 CHMP1B GRAP2 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q14596 CHMP1B NBR1 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q00610 CHMP1B CLTC human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9H9A5 CHMP1B CNOT10 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P61964 CHMP1B WDR5 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q7Z569 CHMP1B BRAP human ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 CHMP1B CHMP1B human exp,ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O43633 CHMP1B CHMP2A human ortho,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9UQN3 CHMP1B CHMP2B human ortho,pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q96AX9 CHMP1B MIB2 human ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q08945 CHMP1B SSRP1 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9NZZ3 CHMP1B CHMP5 human exp,ortho
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q14258 CHMP1B TRIM25 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q15717 CHMP1B ELAVL1 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 P53597 CHMP1B SUCLG1 human exp
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 Q9Y6W5 CHMP1B WASF2 human pred
Q7LBR1 Q7LBR1 O75351 CHMP1B VPS4B human exp,pred

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.