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Retrieved 35 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q13188 NSUN5 STK3 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 P82675 NSUN5 MRPS5 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q06124 NSUN5 PTPN11 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q99459 NSUN5 CDC5L human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9UI30 NSUN5 TRMT112 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9H7B2 NSUN5 RPF2 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q01860 NSUN5 POU5F1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q8NHQ9 NSUN5 DDX55 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 O75530 NSUN5 EED human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9UNX4 NSUN5 WDR3 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q13042 NSUN5 CDC16 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9Y3B2 NSUN5 EXOSC1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q13573 NSUN5 SNW1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 P00533 NSUN5 EGFR human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q96D46 NSUN5 NMD3 human pred
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q14004 NSUN5 CDK13 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 P17706 NSUN5 PTPN2 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q96DP5 NSUN5 MTFMT human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 O00767 NSUN5 SCD human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9NV31 NSUN5 IMP3 human pred
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q5H9R7 NSUN5 PPP6R3 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 P09651 NSUN5 HNRNPA1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 P26196 NSUN5 DDX6 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 P61218 NSUN5 POLR2F human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 P05412 NSUN5 JUN human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q99873 NSUN5 PRMT1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9H0U6 NSUN5 MRPL18 human pred
Q96P11 Q96P11 P55317 NSUN5 FOXA1 human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 O15160 NSUN5 POLR1C human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q7Z7E8 NSUN5 UBE2Q1 human pred
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q04917 NSUN5 YWHAH human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q8WVV9 NSUN5 HNRNPLL human exp
Q96P11 Q96P11 O14980 NSUN5 XPO1 human ortho
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q6NZ67 NSUN5 MZT2B human pred
Q96P11 Q96P11 Q9BUI4 NSUN5 POLR3C human ortho

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.