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Retrieved 52 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q15075 WDFY2 EEA1 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 O75843 WDFY2 AP1G2 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8WX93 WDFY2 PALLD human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O96006 WDFY2 ZBED1 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q08AM6 WDFY2 VAC14 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q00765 WDFY2 REEP5 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8WYP3 WDFY2 RIN2 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96ER9 WDFY2 CCDC51 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9NQG6 WDFY2 MIEF1 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8IWB7 WDFY2 WDFY1 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q06609 WDFY2 RAD51 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9H223 WDFY2 EHD4 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9H4M9 WDFY2 EHD1 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q86YS7 WDFY2 C2CD5 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O75915 WDFY2 ARL6IP5 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q2NKX8 WDFY2 ERCC6L human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96FJ0 WDFY2 STAMBPL1 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96T51 WDFY2 RUFY1 human exp,pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q15836 WDFY2 VAMP3 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96AG4 WDFY2 LRRC59 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8WY07 WDFY2 SLC7A3 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 P43304 WDFY2 GPD2 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9Y266 WDFY2 NUDC human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O95292 WDFY2 VAPB human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9BVL2 WDFY2 NUP58 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q6ZNB6 WDFY2 NFXL1 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 P50395 WDFY2 GDI2 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q6DN14 WDFY2 MCTP1 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9NZN3 WDFY2 EHD3 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9H1K0 WDFY2 RBSN human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q7Z3B4 WDFY2 NUP54 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96NW4 WDFY2 ANKRD27 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q96I25 WDFY2 RBM17 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q12778 WDFY2 FOXO1 human ortho,pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 O43361 WDFY2 ZNF749 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 P31749 WDFY2 AKT1 human ortho,pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9H147 WDFY2 DNTTIP1 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O15042 WDFY2 U2SURP human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9NZZ3 WDFY2 CHMP5 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8NDI1 WDFY2 EHBP1 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q5T8P6 WDFY2 RBM26 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 P02545 WDFY2 LMNA human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q9NYH9 WDFY2 UTP6 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O60749 WDFY2 SNX2 human ortho
Q96P53 Q96P53 O95219 WDFY2 SNX4 human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 P98172 WDFY2 EFNB1 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 P51398 WDFY2 DAP3 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 O43427 WDFY2 FIBP human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 P20339 WDFY2 RAB5A human pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 O96013 WDFY2 PAK4 human ortho,pred
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q14696 WDFY2 MESDC2 human exp
Q96P53 Q96P53 Q8IWX8 WDFY2 CHERP human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.