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Retrieved 42 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q99675 Q99675 Q96HA1 CGRRF1 POM121 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 A2VDJ0 CGRRF1 KIAA0922 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 P63208 CGRRF1 SKP1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q9ULH0 CGRRF1 KIDINS220 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q9NV96 CGRRF1 TMEM30A human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q5KU26 CGRRF1 COLEC12 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q96SB3 CGRRF1 PPP1R9B human pred
Q99675 Q99675 O75093 CGRRF1 SLIT1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 O60548 CGRRF1 FOXD2 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 P29218 CGRRF1 IMPA1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q9NP73 CGRRF1 ALG13 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q9H0E7 CGRRF1 USP44 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q16850 CGRRF1 CYP51A1 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q96CS7 CGRRF1 PLEKHB2 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q8TEY7 CGRRF1 USP33 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 P13637 CGRRF1 ATP1A3 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 O15151 CGRRF1 MDM4 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q9UPQ4 CGRRF1 TRIM35 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 P63165 CGRRF1 SUMO1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q99674 CGRRF1 CGREF1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 P58012 CGRRF1 FOXL2 human ortho
Q99675 Q99675 Q92896 CGRRF1 GLG1 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q96F45 CGRRF1 ZNF503 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 O75592 CGRRF1 MYCBP2 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q12772 CGRRF1 SREBF2 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q9Y252 CGRRF1 RNF6 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q56P03 CGRRF1 EAPP human pred
Q99675 Q99675 O43889 CGRRF1 CREB3 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q5SNT2 CGRRF1 TMEM201 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q8IUS5 CGRRF1 EPHX4 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q5VVX9 CGRRF1 UBE2U human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q9NYW8 CGRRF1 RBAK human pred
Q99675 Q99675 O60683 CGRRF1 PEX10 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 O43164 CGRRF1 PJA2 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q8NEM7 CGRRF1 SUPT20H human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q08116 CGRRF1 RGS1 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q15545 CGRRF1 TAF7 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 O95503 CGRRF1 CBX6 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 P37840 CGRRF1 SNCA human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q93084 CGRRF1 ATP2A3 human exp
Q99675 Q99675 Q00987 CGRRF1 MDM2 human pred
Q99675 Q99675 Q92802 CGRRF1 N4BP2L2 human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.