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Retrieved 47 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q15428 BUD13 SF3A2 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q92845 BUD13 KIFAP3 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P50914 BUD13 RPL14 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P62263 BUD13 RPS14 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q15459 BUD13 SF3A1 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P53370 BUD13 NUDT6 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q14562 BUD13 DHX8 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9UGY1 BUD13 NOL12 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P78362 BUD13 SRPK2 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 O95926 BUD13 SYF2 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P47902 BUD13 CDX1 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P24941 BUD13 CDK2 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q13257 BUD13 MAD2L1 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9UMS4 BUD13 PRPF19 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q05655 BUD13 PRKCD human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P33981 BUD13 TTK human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q12874 BUD13 SF3A3 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9ULJ8 BUD13 PPP1R9A human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 O15213 BUD13 WDR46 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q96S44 BUD13 TP53RK human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q15393 BUD13 SF3B3 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 A8KAG1 BUD13 cDNA FLJ77219 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P09471 BUD13 GNAO1 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q92917 BUD13 GPKOW human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P33993 BUD13 MCM7 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9BYG3 BUD13 NIFK human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P61513 BUD13 RPL37A human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9BQ15 BUD13 NABP2 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9BWF3 BUD13 RBM4 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P00568 BUD13 AK1 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9Y388 BUD13 RBMX2 human exp,ortho,pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q2TAC6 BUD13 KIF19 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q92620 BUD13 DHX38 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P06493 BUD13 CDK1 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 O60508 BUD13 CDC40 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P03372 BUD13 ESR1 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P01127 BUD13 PDGFB human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P22492 BUD13 HIST1H1T human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q96ME7 BUD13 ZNF512 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P62258 BUD13 YWHAE human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9BZJ0 BUD13 CRNKL1 human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P41223 BUD13 BUD31 human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 O75153 BUD13 CLUH human pred
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 P49336 BUD13 CDK8 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 O60870 BUD13 KIN human ortho
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q9BSG1 BUD13 ZNF2 human exp
Q9BRD0 Q9BRD0 Q07020 BUD13 RPL18 human exp

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.