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Retrieved 42 PPIs for 1 ID

Query ID Query UniProt Partner UniProt Query Symbol Partner Symbol Species Evidence Type
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P78330 ENOPH1 PSPH human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P30041 ENOPH1 PRDX6 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9P2J5 ENOPH1 LARS human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q96GX9 ENOPH1 APIP human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P61026 ENOPH1 RAB10 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P21980 ENOPH1 TGM2 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q96PZ0 ENOPH1 PUS7 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q14088 ENOPH1 RAB33A human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q96DT6 ENOPH1 ATG4C human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9H492 ENOPH1 MAP1LC3A human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9HCE1 ENOPH1 MOV10 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9H4P4 ENOPH1 RNF41 human ortho
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9P2Y5 ENOPH1 UVRAG human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9BXW4 ENOPH1 MAP1LC3C human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O60238 ENOPH1 BNIP3L human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P32004 ENOPH1 L1CAM human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O95817 ENOPH1 BAG3 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q8NI22 ENOPH1 MCFD2 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P55145 ENOPH1 MANF human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9BV57 ENOPH1 ADI1 human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P52788 ENOPH1 SMS human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P62258 ENOPH1 YWHAE human ortho
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P46379 ENOPH1 BAG6 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q5T3F8 ENOPH1 TMEM63B human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P01116 ENOPH1 KRAS human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P15056 ENOPH1 BRAF human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q08623 ENOPH1 PUDP human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q676U5 ENOPH1 ATG16L1 human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O60749 ENOPH1 SNX2 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P35520 ENOPH1 CBS human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q8IZQ1 ENOPH1 WDFY3 human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O75449 ENOPH1 KATNA1 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P40937 ENOPH1 RFC5 human ortho
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q96GC9 ENOPH1 VMP1 human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P12268 ENOPH1 IMPDH2 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 P42677 ENOPH1 RPS27 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q24JP5 ENOPH1 TMEM132A human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 A0AVT1 ENOPH1 UBA6 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q96H55 ENOPH1 MYO19 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 Q9H2V7 ENOPH1 SPNS1 human pred
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O95394 ENOPH1 PGM3 human exp
Q9UHY7 Q9UHY7 O95166 ENOPH1 GABARAP human pred

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Citing IID

Kotlyar, M., Pastrello, C., Sheahan, N., Jurisica, I. Integrated Interactions Database: Tissue-specific view of the human and model organism interactomes, Nucleic Acids Res, 44(D1): D536-41, 2016.